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Few things to know about tourist entertainment

The tourist Entertainment Animation has its beginnings in the middle of the 80´s and one of the first to use it was the hotel chain Club Mediteraneo (CLUB MED), the tourist entertainment has been the main element to transform the products that offer the companies of the tourist sector.

Tourist animation or hotel animation: alternative of entertainment and leisure time occupancy of the tourist. It is a set of techniques derived from recreation that allow planning, organizing and developing different activities or games, with the aim of creating a favorable environment in a group, contributing to the increase of social relations and satisfaction of interests and needs of the people in their free time. Tourist animation is known as a trend within the hotel industry, which resulted in meeting the needs of the consumers of the Tourist Services.In the hotel with entertainment, the customer will always be more relaxed and forget about setbacks.

Entertainment Animation – a world full of joy, happiness and creativity.

Be an entertainer!



How it Works

Register – and get the new jobs by email.
Build up your profile – Upload your Resume/CV, foto, write a nice cover letter, let the agencies know that you are the one they need.

Apply for jobs – have a look at the job search page and apply for the job that suits better to your profile.

Enjoy the little free time you have left! You will be working as a tourist entertainer once following the steps!


The entertainer

Create an environment of communication, between the clients of different countries, sex, age, religion, through the activities that are carried out. Program, develop and control all kinds of leisure activities, to entertain tourists.

You must have the capacity to inspire and motivate different groups of guests to participate in the activities designed for them, sensitizing all people to improve their quality of life by practicing physical activities.

Qualities and Responsibilities

Good knowledge of languages. Always English being one of them. Ability to perform sports, body expression and dance.

Being able to motivate participation. Ability to work with people of any age.

Responsibility and teamwork player. P.R – Public relations

Funny, nice, with a good sense of humor.

Improve yourself

TIP: Be DIFFERENT, unique, you are the one who will remember when they think about their holiday, you are responsible of their fun and once they are having fun they will always join your activities! You make the difference when you do things differently than the rest. 🙂

Improve every day, never lose the energy or the desire to smile, get up every day with desire, do the best you can, you will improve with the experience. Enthusiasm, trust, adaptability, creativity and imagination are key elements in entertainment.

Companies offer/ask for

Usually the jobs offered by companies have a stipulated time of 6 months, in which 40 hours a week are worked,

with a day off, 1 and 1/2 days off or even 2 days off depending on the company.

The salary varies according to the professional profile of each of you and the level of training of the candidate, offering a contract, salary, accommodation, food and drinks during your contract period.

There are some agencies that they even pay for your flight once you finish the contract with them.


– Download DEMO Program –

     Depending on the number of animators in a team the activities can be many more

starting at the same time.

Entertainment Animation

What’s an entertainer – Animator or entertainer is a person who creates and organizes animation program in the hotel, cruise ships, club, camping, holiday resort in cooperation with his/her team and entertain quests with different kinds of sports, workshops and social activities. Animator is (almost) always working in a team consisting of a chief animator, children animators, sport/fitness animators, DJ & light or all-rounders. Every member of a team has a specific tasks and duty. Animation team might consist of 2–40 animators depending on a hotel, cruise ship, camping etc.

Why entertainer – Join the animation industry and you will have the opportunity to experience unforgettable months around the seas coasts while working in this enjoyable and modern profession. You will get the chance to coach sports, learn different cultures and languages, improve your skills like acting, dancing, make lots of new friends and gain new experiences in the tourist animation industry!

The salary is as well very important, as in animation the companies will pay for your food and accommodation, you can save the entire salary if needed. In animation we take fun seriously and we travel the world while having fun working!

Entertainers job duties:

During the daytime, depending on your skills, experience and qualities you will either work with children or with adults. As kids entertainer you work in a team and organize events and games for the children. As activity instructor you organize sports and activities for the guests.

During the evening, depending on the wishes and needs of the hotel, cruise ship, camping etc. you organize with your team evening dancing or participation shows (sketches, dance, bingo, games, quizzes, parties, musicals, mini-disco, etc).

Here we leave you a short list of games and activities for kids entertainers: face painting, master chef Jr., jenga, memory games, painting, plasticine figures, cards games, team games and there are many more games and activities to entertain the little ones.

Entertainment Animation

 Tourist Entertainment Animation Kids activities


Here we leave you a short list of games and activities for sport entertainers: darts, French balls, riffle shooting, archery, water-polo, Ping-Pong, shuffle board and many other games and activities to entertain the guests.

Entertainment Animation

  Tourist Entertainment Animation Archery Activity

Show time!

Just before finishing the morning program the Entertainment Animation team does a game for all guests, an easy and funny game that involves the maximum number of guests and is enjoyed even by the ones that they don’t take part in it.

This game is normally planed and organized by the chief animator, who informs the guest about all they have to do by microphone, the game is usually called cocktail game, but depending on the company you work with, or the place you are, they will call it different (crazy game, cocktail game, ¨name of hotel¨ game, bomb game etc. Once the game is finish the chief animator presents the first place winner and plays the club dance song (Club dance song is the song that each entertainment team dance before starting the morning program, before lunch break and after the night shows usually, is a song where all entertainers starts an easy choreography which the guests can easily fallow, they are usually famous songs like: YMCA, danza kuduro, opa opa, waka waka, cha cha slide etc.)


In Entertainment Animation there is nearly each month something to celebrate or to prepare the next important moments, there is Mother, Father or Kids day, Valentine’s Day, X-mas, Easter,  The Olympic games, Fifa World Cup…and this are just a few of all important days or moments.

There are also important moments made by the Entertainment Animation team, like pool party, beach party, workshops, big championship tournaments etc. these moments are made usually each 2 weeks.

As entertainer you must be a peoples person who is confident with dealing with people at all levels and from all walks of life.

No ‘stage fear’.

Enough energy and motivation to work five, five and a half or six days per week.

You must love your job to be a good entertainer!

There are many other events and special days in Entertainment Animation Industry that we did not mention…each event or special day is normally organized by the Animation Company and carried out by the Animation Team.

So here are few things to know about Entertainment Animation Industry, now is up to you to join one of the Animation Companies that publish their jobs, castings, courses and interviews on our web page by adding your Resume/CV and START applying for your future job!

Good luck to you all.

Entertainment Animation
Tourist Entertainment Animation Club Dance By Animation Team

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